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For Young Children, WATCH: Brother Francis: Let's Pray! ~ Brother Francis will help your children establish a personal relationship with God!

For School Children, WATCH: Patrick ~ Blending historical facts with beloved traditions, Patrick: Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle brings to life a long-lost world of Druids, warriors, and kings. One that brave Patrick illuminated forever.

For School Children, WATCH: For Children: How to Make a Good Confession ~ It can feel scary to go to Confession, but really, we go to the Sacrament of Confession because God loves us so much that he wants us to remove all the sins that keep us from Him. When we go to Confession, we say "I love you, Jesus, will you forgive me of my sins?" In this session, kids will learn how to make a good Confession, and that God always forgives us and gives us grace to be better in this sacrament.

.For Youth / Teens, WATCH: YDisciple: Follow Me: Session 3: Real Friends ~ What is real friendship? This study will look at the different types of friendship teens encounter—and how to discover authentic, virtuous friendships that are made through a sincere gift of self. Presented by Steve Angrisano.

For Adults, WATCH: Confession: The Forgotten Sacrament  ~ The compelling presentations of the teachers & priests in this film are interspersed with beautiful art work and inspiring graphics. These films will help Catholics, and others, to have better understanding and deeper appreciation for the gifts of the papacy and the sacrament of confession.

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