Knights of Columbus Waynesburg

Knights of Columbus


St. Ann Council  12703

232 E. High St.

Waynesburg, Pa. 15370-1821

                               Grand Knight: 724/627-5161

                             Financial Secretary: 724/852-2529




The St. Ann Church is located in downtown Waynesburg at the top of the hill after you pass the traffic light at McCracken Pharmacy at the corner of East High St. and Porter St. East High St. is a one way street as you head west through town. We are located on the left and have a 10 Commandment Monument in front of the entrance.



            Our regular council meetings are held the second Thursday of every month. They are held in the Social Hall of the church at 7:00 pm. Meeting notices are usually found in the church bulletin, via email to the members or on Facebook to those that are connected to our Knight’s page. Members may also get a phone call alerting them to special meetings or events.



            The St. Ann Council #12703, District 111, was established in 2000. We have grown to over 130 members including several from the university as well as the surrounding community. Many of our members are active in the many ministries in the church as well as community groups, local government and civic organizatons. We have members serving the needy through the Good Neighbor Lunch program and serving those in Guatemala through the church mission group.

            Our council derives most of our funding through various fund raisers including ticket sales and especially food sales such as the Lenten Fish Fry and Fair Booth.

            We are working to establish a First Degree team through ceremonies and video presentation. This allows us to have members join the Knights without traveling to other councils. We are eager to welcome new or transferring members and offer membership to those men in good standing with the church. Most ushers are Knights so if you want to contact a Knight you can start there.



Grand Knight                                                  Archie Trader                          724/627-5161

Deputy Grand Knight                                     John Jacobs                             724/627-9425

Chancellor                                                       Patrick Fitch                            724/627-8860

Treasurer                                                         Elmer Schifko                         724/627-6915

Financial Secretary                                         Barry Nelson                           724/852-2529

Recorder                                                         Sam Cario                               724/627-4764

Chaplin                                                            Fr. Francis Frazer                    724/627-7568



            Activities vary with the season around Waynesburg. We start the year with a Mardi Gras party and dance into the Lenten season which will have us offering fish lunches and dinners on those Fridays. We sponsor a Free Throw competition for the youth in the surrounding communities. We conduct a “Baby Bottle Campaign” to raise funds to promote pro-life efforts from mothers’ day until fathers’ day. Then there is Rain Day, Rain Day is a celebration unique to Waynesburg, you can bet your hat on that on July 29th. The Greene County Fair will find us at our food booth under the grand stands. During May and October the Knights lead the Rosary before all masses. After the fair is the Truck Pull at the fairgrounds and we again man a food booth. Throughout the year we hold breakfasts for fund raising for special occasions. Other activities include helping any Knights or church and community members as their needs arise.

            When you go to mass at St. Ann you can easily meet a Knight at the door or helping as an adult acolyte. Please shake the hand of anyone near you and ask if there is a Knight nearby that you might talk to if you need to get more information about the Knights of Columbus.




                                                             9 -14 – 2017


            Our next meeting will be Sept. 14th at 7:00pm.        


More information about the Knights can be found at


                                                            COUNCIL NEWS

            Our council typically will hold 1st degree ceremonies on the next to last Sunday of the month at 6:00 pm. Any one interested in joining the Knights of Columbus should contact Archie Trader at 724-627-5161, so an application can be completed and brought before the membership committee for approval. An applicant must be 18yr. of age and in good standing with the church. Our dues are $10.00 for those attending post graduate education and $22.00 for all others and the first year is free for any new member.


            Aug. 7th starts the Greene County Fair for our council. We run one of our biggest money makers there with the food booth located under the grandstands at the southwest corner. Our menu is varied and features beer battered cod fish sandwiches and “Columbus Fries”. Help is always needed for the week especially Sat. night with the super stock pulling and tear down of the stan. Please stop by and support the St. Ann Knights.


            The Aug. meeting will be moved to Sept. 14th due to the fair.


            COAL tickets are available for selling to support the state scholarship program. All Knights should be getting some books for sale. See Bob Lang.

            FOOTBAL CRAZER tickets are also available. This is another great fund raiser for the council and a fun ticket to hold and sell. Contact Archie Trader.


            We have Knights of Columbus hats, tee shirts, golf shirts and “Keep Christ in Christmas” magnets for sale. Contact Archie Trader or Barry Nelson or ask at the next meeting.


The Pickle Prize is growing again. It pays to go to your meetings.