St. Hugh & Our Lady of Consolation Pastoral Councils

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body of parishioners who share with the pastor providing vision and direction to the parish. It acknowledges its origins in the Second Vatican Council, is in accord with universal and Diocesan church norms, and with St. Hugh and Our Lady of Consolation as the model pledges responsible use of all gifts and resources to meet individual, parish, and community needs. It works with and relies upon various boards, committees, and groups that carry out the work of our parish even as the Parish Pastoral Council provides a conduit for communication with all those organizations. Members are responsible for good communication both on an ongoing basis as circumstances may demand throughout the year. 

The Pastoral Council is appointed by the parish priest for a 2 - 4 year term.

On Mission Parish Team Leaders     

Russell Clark - St. Hugh Bonnie Mylan - OLC 
Matthew Emerson - St. Hugh Linda Shefcheck - OLC  
Jean Journic - OLC Karen Voithofer - St. Hugh 
Bernadette Klamerus - OLC  Barb Walton - St. Hugh 
Valerie Lazuka - OLC  Vincent Wise - OLC 
Jason Matyus - St. Hugh Helene Wilson - St. Hugh 







Our Facilitators are: Our Lady of Consolation: Bonnie Mylan and St. Hugh: Helene Wilson.

The ministries within the church community is necessary to keep the “Church Alive!” It is the goal of the pastoral council

to respond to these ministries and provide any needed training and support.