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The Vatican - The Holy See 

Sometimes when you can't find   information on the Vatican site in English, you can find it on the US Bishops site. See USCCB link at right.

Vatican Information Service, VIS

Vatican Updates & Recent Documents

Vatican Home Page

Vatican Quicklist

Vatican News Services

Second Vatican Council 1962-65

Vatican Council II Documents

Find Catholic Church Documents on EWTN

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Catholic Doctrinal Concordance

Canon Law Laws of the Catholic Church

Catholic Communications Network

Married Love and the Gift of Life  English   &  Español

New Advent   Lots of links

The Catholic Encyclopedia

Catholic Doors Ministry

Catholic Singles

Catechism Class Online


What Catholics Believe

Catholic Mom .com



The many Rites of the Catholic Church

"Decree on Eastern Rite Catholics"

Eastern 'Orthodox' Churches 

"Catholics & Non-Catholics"    June 2007


   USCCB United States
   Conference of Catholic Bishops          

  Catholic Prayers

   Saints for Today

  Latin Mass Usage July 2007       
English,  Latin



    Xt3    World Youth Day

   Our Catholic  Neighborhood



    New American  Bible

    Catholic Scripture Study

    Bible Christian Society



   Catholic Charities U.S.A

   Knights of Columbus    National Site


Morality, Ethics & Media

   Movie and TV  Reviews

   Catholic League for Religious & 
   Civil Rights

   Courage International -
   for Catholics with same sex 

   Human Life International

   Priests for Life

   Pro-Life Issues from the US Bishops


End-of-Life Issues

   National Catholic Bioethics Center

   US Conference of Catholic


National Association of Pastoral Musicians ~ Pittsburgh Chapter ~

Science and Religion

   Age of Shroud