Our Lady of Consolation ~ Closing Mass on July 21, 2019

  Our Lady of Consolation

       Our Lady of Consolation was founded in 1923. It's founding was the result of the growth of population in Nemacolin. In 1923, the first Mass was held in the summer of that year in an old school building. This was to be a temporary arrangement. For three years, Nemacolin was visited by priests from All Saints in Mason-town and Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Leckrone (both parishes are now part of the Diocese of Greensburg). In the fall of 1926 the Most Rev. Bishop Hugh C. Boyle sent Rev. John F. C. Felicko, to provide a fitting House of God for his people. Then followed Rev. John E. Martin, who came in 1928 to continue the task begun by Father Felicko. It was under the direction of Father Martin that the dream of a new church was realized.

On November 30, 1928, land was purchased for a new church. Construction was begun immediately and although the Church was not entirely completed, the first Mass was celebrated in the unfinished church building on Christmas Day of 1928. The cornerstone for the new church was laid on February 22, 1929 On May 30, 1929, Bishop Hugh C. Boyle blessed the new Church and dedicated it to Our Lady of Consolation.

Father Martin, after five years was succeeded by Rev. Joseph S. Altany in 1933.

October 1936: A Mission was added to Our Lady of Consolation Church, namely: St. Marcellus, Mather, PA.

1937: Rev. Paul J. Simko, succeeded Father Altany who served Our Lady of Consolation for 15 years. Under Father Simko’s tenure the debt on the Church was paid and the burning of the mortgage took place in November 1944.

1938: Two more missions were added, namely: Sacred Heart Church, Rices Landing, PA., and St. Mary’s, Crucible, PA.

June 26, 1952: Father Simko succeeded by Father John A. Hruska. He served for ten years until 1962.

December 30, 1961: Fire struck the church. However, the fire was extinguished quickly enough to save the church. De-spite the damage, Mass was celebrated in the church the next day.

1962: Rev. Michael E. Kubacky came as assistant to Fr. Hruska. He became pastor after Father Hruska left. He remained pastor until October 31,

1966: Father Francis A. Nazimek was appointed pastor of Our Lady of Consolation Church, Nemacolin, PA., St. Mary’s Church, Crucible, PA. And Sacred Heart Church, Rices Landing, PA. He faithfully served these parishes until December 1999

1999: Father John Bauer, is our current pastor.

Over the years, several changes were made to the building, most notably the addition of a steeple. However, this church still stands and continues to serve the Catholic community

On August 28, 1992, St. Mary, Crucible and Sacred Heart, Rices Landing were merged with Our Lady of Consolation. All three churches re-main open and serve the parish.

Pastors of Our Lady of ConsolationOur Lady of Consolation Inside

+ Rev. Felix Felicko              1926-28
+ Rev. John E. Martin           1928-33
+ Rev. Joseph S. Altany       1933-37
+ Rev. Paul J. Simko            1937-52
+ Rev. John A. Hruska         1052-62
+ Rev. Michael Kubacky       1962-66
+ Rev. Francis Nazimek       1966-91
Rev. Michael Suslowicz        1991-98
Rev. Thomas Wilson           1998-1999 
Rev. John Bauer                 1999 to 2018