St. Mary's Worship Site ~ Closing Mass on July 7, 2019

St. Mary'

St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church at Crucible was founded in 1925. Before the parish was founded, local Catholics traveled to St. Michael’s, Fredericktown to at-tend Mass. The pastor was the Rev. John Greschner, assisted by Rev. John Angel of St. Mary and Ann Church of Marianna, PA. Local Catholics petitioned the bishop to establish a mission in Crucible. Permission was granted and local Catholics secured the use of the Crucible Community Hall where the first Mass was celebrated on May 31, 1925. The hall was made available for use by the Crucible Fuel Company of America which operated the coal mine located here.

In 1929, St. Mary’s became a mission of St. Albert’s Church in Palmer, PA. under the direction of the Rev. Julius S. Lachendro. Five acres of land was purchased from the Thomas Hartley family in 1937. The new church was dedicated on June 13, 1937. On this site a wooden frame building was constructed with most of the labor being donated by the parishioners. The remaining acreage was designated for use as a cemetery for Catholics of the area.

In 1938 St. Mary’s Church was placed under the direction of the Rev. Paul J. Simko, pastor of Our Lady of Consolation Church, Nemacolin, who served until 1952. On December 24, 1944, the church was completely destroyed in a fire. Until a new church was built, the congregation attended Mass at Sacred Heart Church in Rices Landing.

A new church was built and dedicated in 1946 by the Rev. Martin Hughes of the Immaculate Conception Church, Washington, Pa. The first Mass in the new church was celebrated on April 21, 1946. Over the years, the church has been renovated and remodeled. On August 28, 1992, St. Mary’s mission was officially closed and the parish merged with Our Lady of Consolation. The church itself remains open and continues to serve the local Catholic community as a Worship Site of Our Lady of Consolation.

Pastors of St. Mary’sSt. Mary's Interior of Church

+ Rev. Julius Lachendro . 1926-28

+ Rev. Paul J. Simko ....... 1937-52

+ Rev. John A. Hruska .... 1952-62

+ Rev. Michael Kubacky ...1962-66

+ Rev. Francis Nazimek 1966-91

   Rev. Michael Suslowicz 1991-98

   Rev. Thomas Wilson .. 1998-99

   Rev. John Bauer ......... 1999 to 2018